Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear My Dad...

i wrote a mssg to my dad.
i wrote this when he forbid me to go to my friend's party

Dear My Dad...
I know.
I know you worry about me.
i know you love me,
i know you care about me.
i know you don't want something bad happen to me
i know you really want to be the best dad for me.
i know you you want me proud being your child.
i really understand.
and so do i. i love you dad.
i'm 14 years old.
14 years live in this cruel world taught me many things.
it taught me what the difference of "right" and "wrong".
i know i'm just a lil innocent girl who didn't really know about life.
i would never let something bad happen to me.
i need advice not an anger.
i love you my dad.
i wish i could be what you want.
i wish i could make you proud being my dad.
thanks for worry about me.
thanks for caring me during 14 years.

form you lil'gril.
Febby Rastanty ;)

p.s : actually i wrote this in bahasa. because my dad didn't understand english very well lol :P


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