Wednesday, April 14, 2010


hey fellas!

baru ngeceheck cbox gue trus sekalian blogwalking.
hmmmm bener2 iri bgt sm yang postnya in english T.T sorry kampung but my english is waaaayy worse than yours,FYI :-P juga nemu linknya Evita Nuh

who is she?

she is a little girl who have passion for fashion and also love photography. check out her blog and you gotta find some things bout fashion and photography. but...i was really surprised.that.....SHE IS 11 YEARS OLD. oh God, can you believe that? it means she's younger than me. oopziee gue kalah sm anak kecil :-s

and now she's helding a giveaway.
i don't know what actually that things work.
just click her blog :-)

oya2.....gue mau bgt ikutan tapiiiii waktunya aja smpe tgl 17 april gitu jadi ya agak pesimis buat ikutan :-(
hmmm this is one of things that she's giving away :
i'm craving for this cutie purple shoes :-(

iri? banget. sirik? apalagi.....gila2. i was shocekd when i knew her age. she's on elementary school bitch!!!! parah2 ganyangka bgt. gue kira gue salah baca-_-


eh eh tapi berhubung dengan sepatu....(ganyambung.......sambungin ae) gua lagi pgn bgt2an sm flat shoes di wondershoe. and hell-yeah...i really really want buy that shoes. here it is :

want it want it want it for sure!!!! *puppy face*


sorry for the wrong english~.~

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