Friday, September 17, 2010

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Reality is suck. 
am sick of it.
I hate the fact that i'm not beautiful.
I hate the fact that i'm not clever.
I hate all the fact about me.'s not that i'm not grateful to The Almighty God but it's just i want more.

Maybe i'm wishing too much.
I'm expecting something that i know i would never had.

Life is so much easier when i just can set my own life by myself.

i'm under pressure now.
there are a ton of shits in my mind.
i just can't get those out.
i need someone's help.

should i call 911?

Monday, September 13, 2010


i got this pic from tumblr.
I just want those all so badly.
Just added these cutie things on my wish list.

I wish God has a blog so God could make it come true.

So impossible. What a pathetic. *sobbing*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

those words remind me about you.
You know what i likes the most.
You also know what i hate the most.
You know everythings about me.
sometimes, you remember things that i've told you but i don't even remember i was ever told you about it.
Got it?

My point is...

Thanks for paying attention.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

"My Attitude is based on how you treat me"

All of sudden...
Gue kepikiran buat ngepost tentang gini.

Gak juga deng. It started when anonymous ask me on formspring that i'm arrogant.
Ini agak weird juga sih. Gue dibilang sombong sm org yg bahkan gue gaktau dia siapa?

Back to the topic.

Gue agak bingung aja kayak orang blg gini,
"Eh si anu, jahat bgt sih sm gue. Masa dia ngatain gue tukang gosip gara2 gue nyebarin kalo dia punya bisul di pantat." OMG. Please-open-up-your-eyes-and-realize-what-you-just-did.

Yaaa siapapun yg baca ini, kalo merasa gue sombong,gue jahat,gue keren,gue baik,gue ramah,gue....ok 3 terakhir gak termasuk -_-. Take a look dulu deh. Inget2 lo pernah buat apa sm gue. Gue ngelakuin sesuatu jg gkmungkin meaningless. everythings has a reason.

Jd ya....
If you treat me right, i'll give you my heart.
If you treat me wrong,i'll give you a shit.
No matter what.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear My Dad...

i wrote a mssg to my dad.
i wrote this when he forbid me to go to my friend's party

Dear My Dad...
I know.
I know you worry about me.
i know you love me,
i know you care about me.
i know you don't want something bad happen to me
i know you really want to be the best dad for me.
i know you you want me proud being your child.
i really understand.
and so do i. i love you dad.
i'm 14 years old.
14 years live in this cruel world taught me many things.
it taught me what the difference of "right" and "wrong".
i know i'm just a lil innocent girl who didn't really know about life.
i would never let something bad happen to me.
i need advice not an anger.
i love you my dad.
i wish i could be what you want.
i wish i could make you proud being my dad.
thanks for worry about me.
thanks for caring me during 14 years.

form you lil'gril.
Febby Rastanty ;)

p.s : actually i wrote this in bahasa. because my dad didn't understand english very well lol :P


Thursday, June 3, 2010

February...these are your personality..

i found this when i read one of my friend's tweets.
it's only for february.

February : 

Abstract thoughts 
Loves reality and abstract 
Intelligent and clever 
Changing personality 
Quiet, shy and humble 
Low self esteem 
Honest and loyal 
Determined to reach goals 
Loves freedom 
Rebellious when restricted 
Loves aggressiveness 
Too sensitive and easily hurt 
Showing anger easily 
Dislike unnecessary things 
Loves making friends but rarely shows it 
Daring and stubborn 
Realising dreams and hopes 
Loves entertainment and leisure 
Romantic on the inside not outside 
Supersticious and ludicrous 
Learns to show emotions 


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


sesuai judulnya.

namanya juga abg yang masih labil.
saya sering merasakan hal itu.
ketidak-percayaan akan diri sendiri.
rendah diri-->bukan rendah hati. saya tekankan disini itu beda.

kalo mau jujur...saya itu over-confident.
then i realized that it was "narsis".
itu bukan over-confident.

when i met someone who better than me in many way.
from his face till his brain.
i just keep silent. i can't say anything. speechless.
dan biasanya...menurut pengalaman saya yang sudah berkecimpung dalam kerasnya dunia dan sudah menelan banyak asam dan manis kehidupan (cielah) orang yang lebih baik itu akan memandang saya. dari atas sampai bawah (annoying bgt) lalu akan memutar bola matanya seakan berkata "i'm better than you. you know that. don't you?".
wah. tangan gatel bgt. cuma yeah...he/she said the truth. that's the fact.
mau begimana lagi? nasip jadi seorang anak remaja yang jauh dari kata "perfect"


kalo dihubungkan dengan masalah percintaan.
saya sering sekali merasakan hal itu.
Kekasih hatiku (hoek) ehm....dia itu terlalu gampang bersosialisasi.
wanita-wanita banyak yang mendekatinya EVEN they'all know that HE HAS ALREADY HAVE A GIRLF. (santai feb)
Jealous? hmmmm. honestly..gue bukan tipe orang yang suka mengumbar2 masalah.
gue lebih suka pendem sendiri.
sekacau2nya gue paling curcol di twitter.
diary gue itu cuma Tuhan&Twitter.
gue gakbisa bilang kalo gue jealous sama si anu. gue mikir. "gue emang cemburu. tapi gue percaya kan sama dia?" cuma agak susah untuk melakukan hal itu. akhirnya galau2 mulu. aduh ababil abis.

Saya punya tips2 untuk mengatasi "Low-Confidence" (versi gue. sorry agak error):

1. inget aja. Sejelek2nya kita, Seburuk2nya kita, Sejahat2nya kita, Pasti punya kelebihan. Tuhan adil kok. Setiap lo merasa gak percaya diri. inget aja kelebihan lo. menurut pengalaman gue sih it would make you better lah at least.
2.Misalkan, lo disuruh melakukan sesuatu yang menurut lo bisa cuma yeah sekali lg "Low-Confidence" datang menganggu. Pede aja. Mungkin banyak yang mengkritik negative. Itu bisa lo jadiin pelajaran kan? lagian memang mereka bisa lebih baik dari kita? belum tentu. selow aja :)
3.tarik nafas dalam2. demi apapun gue kalo lagi marah,sedih,deg2an,gak percaya diri. ini ngebantu bgt.

segitu dulu ya. sorry gapenting. bye

p.s : follow me on twitter @febbbyR


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

if u're one of children in this world....u must read this! :-D

one day. i opened my facebook and saw ivy's status on facebook.
it's about Severn Sizuki's speech.
do you all kno' about her?
yea...i just kno that girl.

don't kno why....i was so amaze when i saw ivy's status.
then...i browsed about her on google.
i got many story about her. also in many version

this is the transcript of her speech :

Hello, I’m Severn Suzuki speaking for E.C.O. – The Environmental Children’s Organisation.
We are a group of twelve and thirteen-year-olds from Canada trying to make a difference:
Vanessa Suttie, Morgan Geisler, Michelle Quigg and me. We raised all the money ourselves to come six thousand miles to tell you adults you must change your ways. Coming here today, I have no hidden agenda. I am fighting for my future.

Losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock market. I am here to speak for all generations to come.
I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world whose cries go unheard.
I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet because they have nowhere left to go. We cannot afford to be not heard.
I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the holes in the ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air because I don’t know what chemicals are in it.
I used to go fishing in Vancouver with my dad until just a few years ago we found the fish full of cancers. And now we hear about animals and plants going exinct every day — vanishing forever.
In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.
Did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age?
All this is happening before our eyes and yet we act as if we have all the time we want and all the solutions. I’m only a child and I don’t have all the solutions, but I want you to realise, neither do you!
* You don’t know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer.
* You don’t know how to bring salmon back up a dead stream.
* You don’t know how to bring back an animal now extinct.
* And you can’t bring back forests that once grew where there is now desert.

If you don’t know how to fix it, please stop breaking it!
Here, you may be delegates of your governments, business people, organisers, reporters or poiticians – but really you are mothers and fathers, brothers and sister, aunts and uncles – and all of you are somebody’s child.
I’m only a child yet I know we are all part of a family, five billion strong, in fact, 30 million species strong and we all share the same air, water and soil — borders and governments will never change that.
I’m only a child yet I know we are all in this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal.
In my anger, I am not blind, and in my fear, I am not afraid to tell the world how I feel.
In my country, we make so much waste, we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, and yet northern countries will not share with the needy. Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to lose some of our wealth, afraid to share.
In Canada, we live the privileged life, with plenty of food, water and shelter — we have watches, bicycles, computers and television sets.
Two days ago here in Brazil, we were shocked when we spent some time with some children living on the streets. And this is what one child told us: “I wish I was rich and if I were, I would give all the street children food, clothes, medicine, shelter and love and affection.”
If a child on the street who has nothing, is willing to share, why are we who have everyting still so greedy?
I can’t stop thinking that these children are my age, that it makes a tremendous difference where you are born, that I could be one of those children living in the Favellas of Rio; I could be a child starving in Somalia; a victim of war in the Middle East or a beggar in India.
I’m only a child yet I know if all the money spent on war was spent on ending poverty and finding environmental answers, what a wonderful place this earth would be!
At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to behave in the world. You teach us:
* not to fight with others,
* to work things out,
* to respect others,
* to clean up our mess,
* not to hurt other creatures
* to share – not be greedy.

Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do?
Do not forget why you’re attending these conferences, who you’re doing this for — we are your own children. You are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in. Parents should be able to comfort their children by saying “everyting’s going to be alright” , “we’re doing the best we can” and “it’s not the end of the world”.
But I don’t think you can say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of priorities? My father always says “You are what you do, not what you say.”
Well, what you do makes me cry at night. You grown ups say you love us. I challenge you, please make your actions reflect your words. Thank you for listening.

i'm speechless when i read her speech.
how could 12 years girl think like that?
honestly...gue malu.
malu bgt.
malu ke diri gue sendiri. gue 14. 2 years older than her.
tapi gue gak kepikiran kayak gitu.
i'm too busy with my own thing.
kata2 dr severn suzuki yg inspire me a lot is :

"Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do?"

my mom and my dad always teach me not to do something. Ex: Do not talking when you eat. it's impolite. but in the end...they do that thing which they tell me not to do.
maybe they had more experience than me.
mereka tuh berepengaruh besar.
don't blame me if i do bad things.
you inspire me.
you influence me.

p.s : it's my opinion. No offense :-)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

insomnia attack! :O

as usual....insomnia attack!!! since holiday started..i always sleep at 2.a.m or 3 a.m

just signed in my looklet and created a few looks.
here they are...

cutiepie:p woman with pink! :O

work? then let's go shopping!

the lovely one:) me likey!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

gue takut...takut kehilangan lo.
gue takut...takut tiba-tiba lo bilang udah ga sayang sama gue lagi.
gue takut..tiba-tiba gue udah liat lo sama orang lain.
gue takut..lo boongin gue.

i'm scared :-(


Friday, April 23, 2010

The one & only!

yup. i'm here. so? ha-ha.
 i always be there when you need me.
 i always be there.
i always try to be what you want me to be even it hurts me. 
have you ever think about my feeling?
have you ever think about my heart?
ohGodamn...i'm going grazy.
i don't know what should i do.

p.s : I LOVE YOU :-( I REALLY DO<3


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

yippie!! holiday....i'm commin :-D

hari terakhir Ujian Sekolah. whoooot. seneng bgt gue AAAA akhirnya yang ditunggu2....libur telah tiba hatiku gembira *nyanyi*. Setelah beberapa bulan terakhir ini gue selingkuh dari gibran sama BUKU! selingkuhan gua yang paling setia. menemani setiap saat seperti rexona (?) oke. gua sadar kalo gue salah. akhirnya gue putus sama si buku mulai hari ini...HOHOHOHO *evil laugh*

enek taugak. gue setiap hari ketemu sama buku. sama gibran aja cuma malem minggu-_-"

sekarang tinggal cengo2 nungguin hasil un. gila jantung gua udah dugem. dug jedag jedug jedag jedug duar(?)

doakan aku.
37,00....amin yaAllah sujud sukurrrrr :-D


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when i was a kitechild (baca : a-lay)

kenapa gua namain tittlenya gitu.
karna emang dulu gua sempet merasakan yang namanya menjadi kitechild HAHA-_-"

kok bisa kepikiran ide gt yap?

jadi tadi pas pulang suck-kolah gua lagi iseng iseng bongkar laci gua hm trus gua nemuin kayak buku diary gt dan gua baru sadar itu diary gua dan....................................................................................................


gua rasanya pengen nangis liat tulisan gua yang begitu indah (ea lebey)

bener bener indah.........
sangking indahnya saya sampai ingin muntah (udah muntah)

nih gua copas ya kesini.
maaf ya kalo agak merusak mata hhh

halaman pertama...

"weLcome!?wow!!sweeTy GaLz in fRonT of me!!"

halaman kedua..

Hai diaRy baru Qw!?
munGkin kamu Lom tau syaPa aQ!?
MakaNya aQ mau nGenalin.
diRi aQ ke kamu!?
ecH,,sblum'Na aQ mau Nanya swatu chma kmu!?
sebeNaRnya Tulisan Qw jelek ato ga?!
ech ga ush ngomonGin tuch dueych,,
mendingan aQ langSung aja perkNalkan nama aQ!?

halaman ketiga...

stop2. pencemaran nama baik iniiii-_-

p.s : actually,i wrote this post a long long time ago. but i forgot to publish this post.and FYI, i just changed my link into thankyou :-)



hey fellas!

baru ngeceheck cbox gue trus sekalian blogwalking.
hmmmm bener2 iri bgt sm yang postnya in english T.T sorry kampung but my english is waaaayy worse than yours,FYI :-P juga nemu linknya Evita Nuh

who is she?

she is a little girl who have passion for fashion and also love photography. check out her blog and you gotta find some things bout fashion and photography. but...i was really surprised.that.....SHE IS 11 YEARS OLD. oh God, can you believe that? it means she's younger than me. oopziee gue kalah sm anak kecil :-s

and now she's helding a giveaway.
i don't know what actually that things work.
just click her blog :-)

oya2.....gue mau bgt ikutan tapiiiii waktunya aja smpe tgl 17 april gitu jadi ya agak pesimis buat ikutan :-(
hmmm this is one of things that she's giving away :
i'm craving for this cutie purple shoes :-(

iri? banget. sirik? apalagi.....gila2. i was shocekd when i knew her age. she's on elementary school bitch!!!! parah2 ganyangka bgt. gue kira gue salah baca-_-


eh eh tapi berhubung dengan sepatu....(ganyambung.......sambungin ae) gua lagi pgn bgt2an sm flat shoes di wondershoe. and hell-yeah...i really really want buy that shoes. here it is :

want it want it want it for sure!!!! *puppy face*


sorry for the wrong english~.~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my blogiedoggie(?)

just changed my layout.
what do ya think? me like it.

oya,FYI i don't like my sign
so,from this moment,i don't use it anymore.

i'll change it into :


i just wanna say.....

"If i have to choose between loving you, and breathing. i would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU"

(via @sabilavalianda)

hmmm. am really sorry for the wrong english. 
like ivy said :"just brave to speak what you want to speak. just talk to somebody that understand english not care about the grammar" 


Monday, April 12, 2010

me miss my blog :-)

long time no post.
me miss you all somuchozz ;-)

how's life? fine? i'm super-fine!

gue mau curcol-curcol lagi nih cuiii. *berasa ada yang baca*

GUE PUTUS...............................

tgl 14 maret 2009 :-( sedih? gaklah ha-ha gila kali lo gua ga sedih.
ember di kamar ada 5 *lebe


karna sesuatu yang terjadi pada tanggal 29 maret. hmmm kalo lo anak kls 3 smp pasti lo semua tau yang terjadi pada tgl 29 maret apa. YAP! fucknational exam. 4 hari untuk masa depan. yaampun sedih bgtttttt gw :''''(. Sumpah i don't want it happen but i've to do that.

dan yang lebih menye-dihkan lagiiii......dia marah :@ hmmm dia ngeremove semua yg berbau gua. mulai dr facebook,twitter,msn,bbm,nomor gw. aduhai alangkah indahnya dunia ha-ha-ha lucu.

HONESTLY,i can't let him go :-( but i'll try. i know it's the best for us so i'll try. but FYI,not loving you is harder than you know.

trus pas hari ke-3. otp yakan yakan trus aduh2 i can't describe how happy i am when i heard ur voice :-) trus yg gitu deh. yg ngebahas putus2 gitu yampun jd gaenak gitu gua. makin bersalah. ampun djjjjj (loh?)

I CAN'T MOVE ON. ha-ha mampus lo feb.

TAPI......seperti kata pepatah "the ending is always happy. if it isn't, then it can't call "The End"" yoyoyo. like what i've said. putus bukan ending. itu cuma one of part of my Lovestory.


AKU BALIKAN HOHOHOHOHO. oke2. postnya terlalu gapenting. gw bete nyetiiiii :-(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

febriani rastanty ;)

F - loves people wild and crazy adore you

E - has gorgeous eyes

B - loves people and fun

R - funny

I - is really sweet & romantic

A - crazy

N - is a very good kisser too!

I - is really sweet & romantic


R - funny

A - crazy

S - makes people laugh

T - a smile to die for

A - crazy

N - is a very good kisser too!

T - a smile to die for

Y - is loved by everyone

-kalo mau baca di block duluu ya kata2nya. hehehe thankyou

Saturday, February 27, 2010

a hundred miles away from you...

hm.kali ini gue mau cerita tentang orang yang el-de-er atau long distance relationship atau bahasa kampungnya cintaku mahal diongkos :P

banyak bgt zaman sekarang yang ngejalanin hubungan long distance gitu tapi awet bgt.hey how come?let's check it out!


ini penting banget.jangan dikit2 curiga. thingking positive ajakali. dia sayang lo & lo sayang dia. simple kan? oke gua tau bgt masalahnya ga sesimpel itu. karna terlalu sayang kita tuh jadi bawaannya curiga..dikit2 curiga. padahal kita tuh kayak gitu lagi nunjukkin bahwa kita tuh bener bener takut kehilangan mereka,cuma ga semua orang bisa dperlakukan gitu. mereka jd merasa dia gapercaya sama dia. padahal dia percaya sm lo..sekali lagi positive thingking!!!! taugasih? biasanya apa yang kita pikirin bakalan jadi kenyataan,jd intinya jgn main main sm pikiran lo. 


ininih yang bikin hubungan para el-de-er putus di tengah jalan. mungkin datengnya dari salah satu pasangan. biasanya mereka bakal ngeluh kalo intensitas ketemunya mulai berkurang.HELLO GUYS! 2010 cuyy berpikirannya jgn sempit.okelah gue tau lo semua pengen mereka disamping lo...nemenin lo.but hey arti kata "disamping" gaharus disamping yang berarti "ada disamping"? percaya dehhh mereka tuh tetep disamping lo..nanyain kabar lo,mantau lo.masih inget kan pepatah "jauh di mata dekat di hati"? :P


woy woy masih jaman egois di tahun 2010?katrok bgt deh lo hahaha :P gue gatau deh mungkin emang udah sifat lo yang egois tp asal lo tau biasanya yang kayak gitu bikin hubungan lo ancur.gamau kan?yaaaa intinya mempertahankan sifat baik menghilangkan sifat buruk.JADI SEORANG PEMENANG LO GAHARUS "MENANG"! YANG TERPENTING LO HARUS MENANG DARI EGO DALAM DIRI LO! jd intinya ngalahlah. ngalah bukan berarti kalah kan?lagian mikir kedepan deh.mungkin pas berantem dengan ego lo yang segede bagong itu lo bakal menang tp ended with break up?mau?gue sih gamau.sekarang lo menang,lo seneng,ego lo menang,argumen lo menang.akhirnya?berakhir dengan airmata.mending airmata terharu lah kalo airmata darah?-_- nope.gbgt deh.


gacuma buat para el-de-er khusus buat para el-de-er yaaa u're not only have to trust ur partner but u also have to understand him/her.lo minta dingertiin?tapi lo gamau ngertiin dia.what a selfish-_- mungkin mereka gapernah cerita sama lo lo mesti tau mereka itu tertekan.pengen bilang tapi takut. dipendem nambah beban dunia.pengen teriak,pengen marah,pengen lampiasin semuanya tp bingung ke siapa?mereka tuh butuh pengertian lo. kayak buat yang jarang ketemu atau jalan gara gara ortunya ya u know lahhh terlalu over-protective mampus, percaya dehhh mereka semua juga kangen sama lo,mereka semua juga pengen ketemu lo,pengen setiap hari ngeliat tampang lo, pengen jalan berdua sama lo. what they want is as same as you want.

sebenarnya masih bnyk lg. cm gue lg malas ngepost sumpah weka-weka -_-

semoga berguna deh bagi para ldr.kita berjuang bersama sama (?)

Monday, February 8, 2010

nothing but worthy to read ;)

hey y'all?
whatcha doin?good?great! cz i feel the other way ;(

gue disini cuma pengen share beberapa hal aja. 1.senin kmrn gue ultah  :P hahaha trus?ngarep diucapin feb?honestly,YES.gue ngarep diucapin.gue gak malu tuh buat ngaku kyk gitu.dan bukan hal memalukan kan buat diakuin?oke.gapenting bgt abis gela.gue cuma mau ngasih tau kalian kalo emosi gua lagi labil parah.bentar mikir ini bentar mikir itu.kadang mikir mau mati tapi kadang pengen hidup selamanya.yeahh...gue remaja bisa kale.FORTUNATELY,gue punya orang orang yang ada di samping gua buat nyupport gue,dengerin cerita gue,dan SOMETIMES ada yang ikut ngerasain gaenaknya jadi gue.wuhuuu thanks guys;) y'a'll means everything to me!

oiya,AWAL TAHUN 2010 gua rasa bukan pengawalan tahun yang baik buat gue.knp?i've many problems on january.

mulai dari percintaan,keluarga,pelajaran.dan sumpah semua itu bikin gua muntah.actually,mual.pengen dimuntahin tapi gabisa.mentek dipikiran gua.fuuuhh cuci otak bisakali.

mumpung ada waktu luang.gue bakal share semua yang macet di otak gue.


50% otak gua isinya ini semua.dari yang bikin seneng sampe yang bikin mau mati aja hahaha lebe :p tapi serius loh january ini bulan yang bener2 buruk bagi hubungan gua sama pembantu pacar gua. yang terparah tuh pas gua putus untuk beberapa jam sama dia. penyebabnya?hehehe rahasia dong. yang jelas penyebab putus tuh gara2 gua-_- gua penyebabnya,gua yang mutusin. kuwl cuyyy hahaha. oke forget bout that.pas putus itu bukan hal yang bikin gua nangis semaleman sampe gakbisa fokus belajar di sekolah tp sikap dia setelah putus.anjaa.....beda 180 derajat. dan FYI itu menyakitkan. honestly,gua sempet berpikir bahwa gua orang bego sedunia nerima dia balik lagi tp pada saat itu juga gua langsung berpikir,gua gabisa sepenuhnya nyalahin dia. kita ini mainin permainan cinta ini berdua. kalo kalah,gabisa cuma satu yang disalahin.but am i fault if i ever thought that he just want to play ma heart that already "stuck" to him?bododeh dibilang bego.masih inget kan kata pepatah "L-O-V-E is blind" hm kyknya berlaku buat gua ya....but nope!! gue gak dibutakan oleh cinta kok ;) mata gua cuma ketutup dan gabisa liat sisi buruk dari yang namanya L-O-V-E hahaha dia udah berubah kok ;) tapi...namanya juga masalah.gue lari,dy ngejar.ada lagi nih  seorang perempuan cantik jelita yang cinta mati sama cowo gua hahaha she always tries to seize him from me and she'll never give up until i kick her ass and go far faraway.middle finger for u slut! ;) sementara ini cuma gue liatin aja gue diemin aja.let see who will win this game bitch ;P


wuuuhu ini juga ga kalah hebatnya dalam urusan bikin gua stress.ya..lo tau lah.persoalan anak remaja zaman sekarang (ciee) sama keluarga apasih?galain gabukan masalah persepsi.yeahh..that's why gue gapernah akur sama bokap nyokap.gue wonder...orangtua gue yang kolot atau gue yang durhaka? perbedaan sudut pandang.yaiyalah mereka pake kacamata plus gue pake kacamata min.lo semua tau kan siapa aja yg biasanya mengidap penyakit gitu?sudut pandang gitu gamungkin bersatu kalogak suatu saat mata gue ikutan plus juga yang berarti pula dunia udah tahun 2030 ;P bb disita,semua disita.huh ngeselin kan?KATANYA MENERAPKAN DEMOKRASI TAPI MEREKA MASIH PUNYA HAK VETO DALAM BERTINDAK . namanya gak adil.sepik.gue gasuka.serius...


i don't have any problem with friendship tp mungkin lebih ke diri gue sama mereka kaliya.gue MERASA mereka gak tulus temenan sama gue ya.cuma rasa ya...lo semua tau gue lebe sumpah-_- mudah2an emg gabener cuma gue berasa dimanfaatin ha-ha.tapi bomat dehh yang jelas gue sayang mereka semua.banget malah.I CAN'T LIVE MA LIFE WITHOUT MA BITCHES ;) LOPU GUYS ALL MUAH :* 

YUPP.tuh 3 masalah mendem di otak gue.kekurung.gue tau mereka juga pengen keluar dari otak gue.cuma gatau kuncinya dimana.hilang.would ya all like to help me to find the key?I NEED IT N-O-W!